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Generalized Box Weight

Look for your tile size and this will help estimate your weight load. So often we hear people say "it will fit".  Sure it will fit, but the total weight of the tile has your car or truck over the limit. Just enter the quantity of boxes you plan to buy!  This simple calculator will give you a clear idea on weight. Is your truck a 1/2, 3/4, or 1 ton??  Well, a ton is 2000lbs. 

Want to load 2000lbs in a car?  Sure, it will fit, but your tires will rub and your back will be sitting on the ground!  Here is a customer who refused to make a second trip.  They loaded 1300lbs in the back of the wagon and then refused to give-up!! 

Note, a 26' large box van can have a payload weight limit of 8000lbs-10,000lbs. A 16-24' will have their own limits ranging from 2000-5500lbs.  Trailers also have their own unique weight limits - frame and suspension will be the biggest factors in their limits.  Towing weight is not the same as payload weight.  "My truck can tow 10,000lbs"  in strong male gruffy I can do anything tone!  OK, sure, it's still a one-ton payload!

Pay attention to truck and trailer specifications and payload limits!  In the end, we just want to see you depart and arrive home safe!!  An improperly loaded truck is not just a danger to you, but others on the road too.

We can tell you exactly what your pallet(s) weigh.  

This handy generalized weight calculator is for rough estimating only.  Each tile manufacture will have their own number of pieces in a box.  But this is a general rule of thumb calculator.